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14/14H Garrosh
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Raid Team, Assemble!

[R] Walsh a posted Dec 5, 14
With our first week of raiding wrapped up for our weekday group we're excited to announce that we were very successful in our progression! We initially started with Normal difficulty to get down mechanics and get some more people geared, and then quickly moved into Heroic.

We successfully cleared Normal in only a matter of hours! I've included our achievements above to check out. Moving on to Heroic was definitely tough but we proved up to the task clearing up to Ko'ragh! Starting next week we will start again and see where we get! We wish good luck to our weekend raid groups and expect more updates to come as the weeks go on and Mythic comes out!

On another note, we are still indeed looking for good raiders to add to our team! If you're interested in joining feel free to apply by clicking on the big apply button above or clicking here.
Get Well Soon is well on its way to Mythic Raiding in Warlods but we could still use a few more good players! We are actively seeking healers that can make either of our two raids. For details PM dahja or finkployd in game or just apply on our site.
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