Ko'ragh downed!

[R] Walsh a posted Jan 23, 15
With Blackrock Foundry coming closer and closer to the launch date we really wanted to get at least two weeks of farm and gear drops from Ko'ragh and we were able to pull it off. As of 1/22/2015 Mythic Ko'ragh has been downed by Get Well Soon. This leaves us as 11th on our realm, 215th in our region and 813th in the world.

Ko'ragh Downed

Although we are not actively recruiting right now, there are a few classes and specs we are looking for, for our weekend and weekday runs. You can check these classes and specs as well as fill in an application here.

Butcher, butchered!

[R] Walsh a posted Jan 15, 15
1/14/2015, fun night for Get Well Soon! Butcher is officially downed which moves us to 5 out of 7 in Mythic Highmaul. We are currently ranked 12th on our realm and 199th in our region! We're definitely glad that it's down and looking forward to Ko'ragh!

Butcher, Butchered!

Although we are not actively recruiting right now, we will always consider a good raider if they were to apply, so don't be scared! If you're interested just fill out an application here.

Tectus has been rocked!

[R] Walsh a posted Jan 8, 15
As of 1/7/2015 Tectus is officially downed and Get Well Soon is 4/7 in Mythic! We'll be moving on to Butcher tomorrow and hoping to down another boss before the week ends. Tectus was pretty hectic but we're glad it's downed, definitely was not as hard as Brackenspore!

Fuck You Tectus!

As always, we're still considering applications for our main and weekend raid groups. Feel free to apply here if you're interested and we will respond as quickly as possible!
[R] SmittyMML Good work...no thanks to Bart im sure...
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